Posted on September 18, 2012 at 7:44 pm

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Eros Now Music launches Vaishnava Janato by Shivali

We’ve been following Shivali’s career for a while at Urban Asian so it is with great excitement that we announce to you that Eros International is ready to launch the soulful Bhajan “Vaishnava Janato” from the upcoming album ‘Urban Temple’ by London based artist Shivali on its dedicated YouTube music discovery channel, Eros Now Music.  This is her second album after debut album,”The Bhajan Project” (see interview with Shivali here –, which released 2010.

Born and raised in London, Shivali retains her Indian heritage and reflects her fusion of traditional and modern in ‘Urban Temple’. The album features a blend of traditional bhajans and mantras with shades of RnB, Soul, Rock and Pop.

Although Shivali grew up in a liberal household in Knightsbridge, Lond, she always felt that she had more of a traditional personality than her family members.  Music, writing, and dancing are her passions, but she’s also academically smart – has a degree in economics and philosophy from University of Nottingham.

Shivali took up singing professionally at an early age; her strong connection to India led her towards music with spiritual rhythms and tones.  She believes the best way to illustrate her love for God is through producing music that can help many to bond with the Divine in the modern world.  Widely regarded as the rising star of devotional fusion music, her debut album Bhajan Project featured in the top 10 of the iTunes world music chart.

At first look you might regard her as a fashionable pop-diva, but when she sings the devotion is unquestionable and contagious. Shivali’s positive attitude, immense passion and devotion for the Lord promise to delight and inspire all who listen to the album.  As Indian music becomes more global in the digital age and new platforms make it easily accessible it is also becoming a more visual art form. Shivali is part of Eros’ vision to raise the stakes and take modern Indian music to the next level and a new generation globally.

‘Vaishnava Janato’ will be available to download from iTunes soon.  Till then please watch the video below:

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