Posted on September 5, 2012 at 2:45 am

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Daler Mehndi represents India at this year's YouFest!

Daler Mehndi’s representing India at this year’s YouFest! Seventeen years after bursting onto the desi music scene and becoming an Internet sensation, “Father of Indipop” Daler Mehndi is the only Indian artist to be invited to YouFest, an international festival amassing the most viewed talents on YouTube for a celebration of popular online culture, diversity, and talent.

Mehndi released his Bhangra pop debut album in 1995, featuring his hit song Bolo Ta Ra Ra. The track became the highest-selling non-soundtrack album in desi music, with 20 million copies sold. But it was his next single, Tunak Tunak in 1998, which gained him global fame and an almost a cult-like cyber following since, spawning multiple imitation videos and close to a staggering 70 million total hits on YouTube.

On September 29, Mehndi, along with YouTube-borne virtual idols from more than 15 other nations, will perform his iconic number Tunak Tunak at Materdo Madrid, as he proves, once again, how his music has crossed cultural, musical, and digital boundaries.

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