Posted on August 13, 2012 at 2:06 am

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“We Are All Sikhs” NYC Candlelight Vigil for Oak Creek

It is often said that tragedy brings people together.

After the shooting at the Oak Creek Gurdwara, Sikh communities across the nation, and abroad, showed their support by organizing candlelight vigils.  The New York City vigil, organized by the Manhattan Sikh Association, was held in Union Square on August 8, 2012.  The turnout was astounding, over a thousand people of all races and faiths came to stand together and show their support.  Many attendees were wearing shirts with “We Are All Sikhs” on the front, and “America Stands Together” on the back.


The vigil began with a series of interfaith speakers, many of which spoke about eliminating religion-based discrimination.  This was followed by Ardaas, then a moment of silence.  Afterwards, the electronic candles were turned on and raised, signifying solidarity.

Source: Jagjeet Singh

The vigil was emotional, and as a Sikh American myself, I cannot express how moved I was by this show of so much love and support.  Punjabi Radio USA posted on their facebook page,

“Now is the time to come together in peace and solidarity. Now is the time to stand against hatred towards anyone.”

 I hope that this horrible event motivates people to fight for the equality of all faiths.

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