Posted on August 21, 2012 at 3:11 am

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Urban Asian Interview: Nindy Kaur teaser!

The first lady of the hit team RDB sits down with us at Urban Asian and speaks with Doc Bollywood about life on the road.  Nindy Kaur tells us how it is from being a wife, to an amazing mother and an incredible singer and how she juggles it all!  This is Nindy’s 1st ever in depth interview on camera as she talk’s about  her marriage to Manj, her upbringing, her favorite Bollywood star, and what she has in store for her amazing fans.

She even gets in depth about  her 1st date with Manj, her love for cooking, and how her son finds her music boring!  We sure would love to hear why he thinks that on his mommy!  Her kid is a charm for her as she tells us all about motherhood and how much she loves her son.  She also speaks about her breaking down during her tribute track to Kuly and her upcoming tours!

Check out the exclusive trailer on our sit down interview with the first lady of RDB, Nindy Kaur! 

Stay tuned for the full interview coming this August!! It’s one you won’t want to miss! Till then check out the trailer and the tribute videos to the amazing Kuly!

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