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The Pink Runway 2012

There are very few individuals in the world of entertainment who are truly genuine, caring, and giving individuals.  Fortunately, the lovely singers (and sisters!) Seema Sugandh and Tina Sugandh are of this rare breed!  The two suffered the loss of their mother, the amazing Mrs. Geeta Sugandh, who passed away a couple years ago, losing the battle with cancer.  However, Mrs. Sugandh’s daughters, Seema and Tina, have taken up the fight against cancer and are continuing to work for a cure.  To overcome their loss, they have channeled their energy into raising money to cure cancer via The Pink Runway.

This year will be the “Fourth Annual Breast Cancer Fashion Show“.    The focus of the show is to celebrate the lives of those who have survived breast cancer, while also raising money for this very important cause (i.e. finding a cure for cancer).  Tickets are a mere $20, with all proceeds going to cancer research!

With just $20, you will get to enjoy food, entertainment – including a power-packed performance by Tina Sugandh, as well as having the satisfaction of supporting a great and noble cause.

The Fashion show will be held at the Riverside Convention Center ( 3443 Orange Street / Riverside, CA / 92501) on Sept 25th!

Cheer on all the breast cancer survivors and watch them strut their stuff down the catwalk!  Have fun! Do good! (VIP seating available. Sponsorship opportunities available.)

ALL (100%) proceeds go to breast cancer research!  Get your tickets now!!


Official Website:

Also be sure to check out the Sugandh Family CD – proceeds go to cancer research!

 ”Sugandh Family Album for Cancer Research



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