Posted on August 11, 2012 at 11:20 pm

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Stay Humble with Humble the Poet!

We live in a world with many diverse individuals. People with different backgrounds, faces, personalities, cultures, thoughts, and most importantly different individual talents. Some are born with the gift of creating art; whether it be in acting, singing, painting or fashion, but a very few are born with the gift to write beautiful poetry.

Humble the Poet, a Toronto based artist has been on the rise for a few years now. From releasing mixtapes early in his career, to creating singles with heavy concepts and creativity delivering his thoughts without sacrificing the message he is sending portrays true talent.

Humble might not look like your ordinary hip hop artist, but thats the beauty of art; being different. As he states in his video, changing his looks will not change his ability to write better or worse lyrics, or change his thought process. After facing some racial discrimination because of his long beard and turban, Humble continues to stay strong and work hard on fulfilling his dream for himself and his fans.

Humble the Poet raps on a diverse scale. Often rapping about taboos of the South Asian community, violence, abuse, and is the voice for the voiceless. Humble often raps about relationships, love, and romance as well. He has dropped three mix tapes in the past, 00.05, 00.04, and his recent 00.03. Some of his notable singles include Baagi Music and Middle Ring Pink which includes Sikh Knowledge and another great rapper Hoodini. 

Most recently, Humble has released his new app, performed at his largest event ever, Lollapalooza, and has just remixed Panjabi MC’s Moorni track. Be sure to follow the movement and most importantly Humble the Poet.

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