Posted on August 24, 2012 at 2:49 am

Bollywood Music What's Happenin'

Does Ala Barfi! hit all the right notes?

Something about the guitar chords and accordion strums are a bit reminiscent of Amelie. The whistles at the opening evoke images of Charlie Chaplin at his slapstick best. The constant onomatopoeia in the lyrics can get a bit grating, but you know what, we don’t care: Ala Barfi! from the upcoming Ranbir Kapoor flick, Barfi, is charming, playful, and seems like the perfect quirky musical accompaniment to what we feel (and hope!) will be one of the most unique films of the year!

Mohit Chauhan’s vocals are effortlessly on point, while music director Pritam is on a roll with his tunes this year. A delightfully upbeat, put-a-spring-in-your-step number, it’s hard not to smile listening to it! Listen to the full song here and tell us what you think!

BONUS TIDBIT: Wondering why the film is called Barfi!? Check out this link! We can’t confirm it’s 100% true but the explanation is adorable so we hope it is!

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