Posted on August 4, 2012 at 7:40 pm

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Dipps Bhamrah – Project:BHANGRA

Dipps Bhamrah is a well known DJ, presenter, and a very talented musician.  He may as well change his last name from “Bhamrah” to “bhangra” because he lives and breathes this genre of music.  While his success in the music industry has been great so far, this year, the industry will witness the rebirth of an artist who looks to build on his musical legacy.

In 2011 Dipps Bhamrah began an ambitious and unique online video diary series (see all episodes below) to show how Bhangra music is produced and recorded.  This became the catalyst to the construction of his album ‘Project:BHANGRA’ and the release his first single, alongside father K.S.Bhamrah (Apna Sangeet), ‘Mr Makhna’.  The track became an instant success!  Coupled with a fun and cameo packed video it became the start of the Dipps Bhamrah’s 2nd musical journey.

‘Tu Nachdi’ was the second single which featured the upcoming vocal talents of Malkit Bulla from Punjab.

Having released such amazing singles, the music world was waiting for the full album release!  Fans and industry folks need not wait any longer as the full album, ‘Project:BHANGRA’, is out now worldwide!

The album features vocals from Bhangra legends, household names, and new talents from both UK and India bought together by the audio vision of Dipps Bhamrah.  The launch of the album will also see the third video, Produced by Triple-S Productions, which brings together two very different tracks into one video medley featuring vocalists K.S.Bhamrah, Metronome and Jati Cheed.

Dipps Bhamrah continues to build on his unique insight into the making of ‘Project:BHANGRA’ through his video diary series. The latest video sees Dipps explaining why there were delays in the albums release and on Sunday 29th August, Dipps will be launching the next part in the series where he give a walkthrough and stories behind each track on the album.  He’ll be be giving viewers an audio preview of every song from the album for the first time.  Until then, head over to iTunes to buy the album, and get caught up on the video diaries below!

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