Posted on August 21, 2012 at 6:21 pm

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Daler Mehndi Honored with Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award

Daler Mehndi has dominated the charts and music scene for years.  This year is no different, and our beloved pioneer of Indi-Pop, is still receiving awards.  Recently, Mr. Mehndi has been awarded with the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award 2012 for the being the best Singer of the Year.

Mr. Mehndi is not only a prolific singer and musician, but also is a songwriter, composer, performer and an entertainer par excellence.  The music connoisseur has never rested on his considerable laurels and always strives to create better and even more innovative music.  His most recent album, a pop album Tunak Tunak Tumba, was another masterwork that stood apart from his previous hits.

Regarded as the Father of Indian Pop, he has elevated pop music to a degree of respectability that it commands today.  Since he broke into the scene, he has been known as a musician who defies genre boundaries.  In addition to Indian pop, the classically trained singer also gave the music world a new genre that is called as ‘Rababi’ in 2012 which incorporates a variety of styles from ghazals, to thumri, to pop, to Sufi and bhangra all fused with Rock.

Taking Bhangra beats from the Punjabi vernacular to the cross cultural heady heights of world stage, Mehndi continues to be the undisputed King of Bhangra plastering the craze of Bhangra on the world maps.  With super hits like Saade Naal, Kudiyan Sheher Dian, Ru Bu Ru, Rang de Basanti and many more, the Bollywood industry was unable to resist his charms!  The film world too became infectiously gripped with Mehndi Mania.

With an enviable plethora of prestigious accolades, Mehndi continues to defy his own standards and re-invent his work. This is not the end of journey that he started as an impetuous five years old.

The always humble Mr. Mehndi, musing over his own words as if in prayer, reflected

‘This is just the beginning…there is a long way to go before I leave a mark’.

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