Posted on July 30, 2012 at 11:36 pm

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Rob-E and Sunny-G team up for “Driver!”

Punjabi singer Rob-E had his dream come true when he met with a producer by the name of Sunny-G who agreed to work with him to produce his debut single, ‘Driver.

This particular Bhangra song will have you jamming and on your feet in seconds. It also has a video which Rob-E ejects Sunny-G from his VW Vanette to make space for a beautiful girl he sees stranded by the side of the road.

Inspired by folk legends, Rob-E had been singing since the age of six. In 2006, he was asked to sing in front of his whole school and received a positive response. He was also told that he had a musical future ahead of him. The singer knew that in order to fulfill his dream he would have to go to UK in search of a producer. After six months of searching, Rob-E finally had the chance to meet with Sunny-G through Facebook, who created ‘Driver’.


Click here to download the single.

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