Posted on July 2, 2012 at 8:06 pm

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Marcus James – Jo Dil Chahey!

The name Marcus James may sound familiar to you.  The producer behind up and coming British Asian talent Shide Boss ‘Ni Sohniye’‘It’s Over’‘Involved’  has now teamed up with fellow Karman Entertainment signing and talented singer, songwriter Biti on forthcoming release ‘Jo Dil Chahey’.

‘Jo Dil Chahey’ is a hip fusion track full of Urban and Punjabi sound, much like Marcus James’ sound on Shide Boss’ debut release ‘Ni Sohniye’ last year. This time around, James works his magic with two female talents. The song features the Punjabi vocals of the super talented British Punjabi singer Biti Veh Vanjaria ‘Akha Saab’ and up and coming urban singer, songwriter Reesha, who has recently been working with both Marcus James and Shide Boss.

‘Jo Dil Chahey’ is the first single taken from Marcus James’ forthcoming EP, releasing on Karman Entertainment in the near future.

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