Posted on July 24, 2012 at 10:07 pm

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Go Behind the Scenes with Raje Shwari’s “Ready For Me!”

It has been just over a month since Rajé Shwari released her debut single “Ready For Me” on BollyHood Records, and the response has been nothing short of incredible. The single has been play listed in the U.K. on BBC’s Asian Network and is spinning as far as India, Pakistan & South Africa as well. With fans and media, demanding more, Rajé gears up for the release of her music video with a behind the scenes look at the visual project.

In Rajé Shwari’s video, we see her experiment with a variety of colorful and trendy looks; the exotic beauty exudes glamour with rich colors and fabrics and then portrays more relaxed vibes dressed in her signature jeans and wife-beater. Staying true to herself, we see Rajé in plenty of red, her favorite color, and showcasing her cultural “bling,” with her signature bindi and bangles.

Photo Credit Tine Time Inc.

With this being Rajé Shwari’s debut music video, she wanted the behind the scenes clip to be an introduction to her artistry, with exclusive footage that gives you an in-depth look at Rajé on and off camera as she tells the “Ready For Me” story. After a highly anticipated end to the mystery of “Who is the Indian Flute girl?” from her well-known days with Timbaland, the upcoming music video release will be the first real visual debut of Rajé Shwari and is sure to have been worth the wait!

“Ready for Me” can be downloaded for free at Be sure to stay tuned for the official music video release later this summer!

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