Posted on July 5, 2012 at 9:13 pm

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Fusion Band MRIGYA starts its 2012 Official North America Tour.

Picture this – An Indian band in a global village.  Where every member of the audience is a citizen of the world.  No matter where he comes from, or what he speaks, he is able to understand one language.  The language of Mrigya.

How is this possible?  Well, it is possible due to the musical diversity of the band which comes together as one unique sound.  A sound which rises above nationality and language.  A sound which is a culture of its own.  A sound which unites the world as one family “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam”.  Their music carries with it people of a variety of cultures and nationalities for its uniqueness in fusing the Blues, Funk, Folk, Latin, Rock & Jazz with Indian Classical.

Mrigya created history at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival U.K., 2001, by becoming the first Indian band to get a 5 star rating with the Scotsman – Scotland’s leading daily.  Apart from the Scotsman, even the Evening News termed Mrigya’s performances as a “must watch”.   Mrigya won ‘The Herald Angel Award’, presented by the ‘Herald Newspaper’  for excellence in music, dance and theatre at the Edinburgh Festival, 2002, making it yet another first for an Indian band. Mrigya also received the ‘Tap Water Award’, given by ‘Out of The Blue Trust’, for music promoting communal harmony, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2002.

Now, they are set for a tour taking over Chicago and Vancouver.  The schedule is as follows: –

  • July 12th- Arrival Vancouver
  • July 13th- Sufi and Indian classical performance
  • July 14th- Mrigya performance at the Vancouver Folk Festival
  • July 15th- Mrigya Jam session at the Vancouver Folk Festival
  • July 17th- Departure from Vancouver and arrival in chicago
  • July 21st- Sufi and Indian classical performance
  • July 22nd- Mrigya performance at the Old Town school of performing arts

Be sure to catch them on tour and in the mean time, do check out their videos below!

Scottish Moors:

Rock the Raag:


Pahari Funk:


LINE UP: Sharat Chandra Srivastava (Violin / Vocals), Gyan Singh (Tabla, Dholak & Mridangam / Vocals),  Indraneel Hariharan (Bass Guitar / Vocals),  Sachin Kapoor (Keyboard’s / Vocals), Rajat Kakkar (Drums ‘n’ Percussions),  Karan Sharma (Guitars);  Guest Artists – Gulaam Qadar Vocals (Sufi) & Sukriti Sen (Vocals – Indian Classical)

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