Posted on July 13, 2012 at 2:38 am

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From Dubai to Dharma: TAAHA SHAH

Ladies, there’s another Bollywood hunk that is off the hotness charts and ready to sizzle on the big screen!  If you saw the move, “Luv Ka The End” you may already be familiar with this new hunk, but if not get ready to lay your eyes on Taaha Shah.  Though most may not be overly familiar with him as of yet, there is no doubt that by the end of 2012, the name will be rolling off your tongue in the same breath as Shahid, Ranbir, and Ranveer…

Taaha shot on to the silver screen last year as the anti-hero in Aditya Chopra’s college based rom-com ’Luv Ka The End’.  The movie garnered him both rave reviews from critics for his performance as the not so lovable ‘dude out to score’, and also managed to provide him with an instant fan base!  Fans can’t seem to get enough of Taaha and have since followed his every move!

At just 24, Taaha’s story is already starting to read like a film script.  Just two years ago he left his home, family and business in Dubai to pursue his dreams of becoming a movie star.  With just a little modelling experience and a diploma from the New York Film Academy in Dubai under his belt, the young Taaha decided it was time to pursue his dream:

 “I didn’t know a soul in Mumbai who was connected to the film industry. When I arrived I decided to brush up my acting skills at the Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute, and then decided that while I was going to auditions I wasn’t prepared to wait for luck to come to me – I had to make it happen myself – and so I simply started knocking on the doors of prominent filmmakers.”

And Lady Luck certainly did smile on Taaha.  He auditioned for the role of Luv Nanda and Aditya Chopra was so impressed that not only did Taaha get the role; he also secured what an aspiring new actor could only dream of – a three film non-exclusive contract with Yash Raj Films, one of the most successful studios in the industry.

Not one to take anything for granted, Taaha has been busy honing his acting skills at the Institute and Advanced Acting and Behavioural Sciences where he has been practicing techniques developed by Stanislavski to Chekov to Victor Mamet while also making sure he is in perfect physical shape for his forthcoming projects:

“Martial arts is my second love after acting. It’s a great way to keep in shape and actually means that I can do all my stunts and fight scenes if the role requires it.”

Taaha is looking for fresh challenges and roles that shake up the stereotypes:

“I don’t want to be stereotyped in one particular genre or want my craft to be bound by any geographical limit. Instead, I would want to take on roles that are really different and that includes being part of quality International Cinema. Even if it means being the bad guy, so be it…  I believe portraying a character with many dimensions to itself is a real challenge to any actor, and that`s exactly what I want to accomplish.

So what’s next for Taaha? Rumor has it that the indomitable Mr. Karan Johar has also taken a shine to the young Taaha and news is imminent about a role in Karan’s new project Gippi, the children’s film currently being filmed in Shimla.

With the support and backing of Dharma, Yash Raj and other top notch film studios, the future certainly looks bright for the boy who turned up at Mumbai airport with little more than a bag full of dreams. So stay tuned for the next instalment in the life of Taaha Shah – it’s going to be good.

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