Posted on July 4, 2012 at 6:42 pm

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Deen Janjua delivers a KNOCKOUT with Tasif Khan!

Deen Janjua and T-Dizee have teamed up with producer Ji-Madz to create upcoming boxer Tasif Khan’s official ring entrance music with accompanied video! Deen Janjua has stayed true to his style that has delivered him global hits with ChittyanParty Nakreh Valiyeh by making sure to include a Punjabi verse on the Asian version of the track.

Tasif Khan is an upcoming Pakistani boxer from Bradford that has gained the support of thousands of Brit-Asian followers, he currently fights in the bantamweight division and has previously been on the same billing as Amir Khan, with every fight he is showing more and more of what he is about and with his new ring entrance music by Deen Janjua he will definitely be knocking a lot of lights out! Check out this video which talks about Knocking the lights out with every fight and how one comes inside a ring lyrically!


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