Posted on July 10, 2012 at 3:51 pm

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BARFI! wouldn’t have happened if Ranbir had said NO!

After getting a resounding response for the trailer, from the netizens as well as people from the film fraternity, BARFI! director Anurag Basu says that he wouldn’t have made the film if Ranbir Kapoor wasn’t playing the character of ‘Murphy’.

Anurag’s respect and love for Ranbir as an actor is obvious when he speaks about him:

“Ranbir, as a person, is very spontaneous and naughty. I cannot stay angry with Ranbir for a long time. He apologises in such a manner that I have to be convinced,” said Basu.

“His aura is such that I remember on the last day of shoot, Ranbir was bidding good bye to all by hugging them; and I actually saw how everyone was feeling that moment. They were really feeling sad,” smiles the director, “Well, I don’t know if it was RK or ‘Barfi’ who created that feeling in all.”

Basu further reveals the fact,

If Ranbir wouldn’t have done this movie, I wouldn’t have made it. I always had Ranbir in my mind for this role. Even on the day when I was writing the 10th page of the script!”

Also, starring Priyanka Chopra in an unusual role and south star Illeana D’Cruz, BARFI! is all set to release on 14th September, 2012. Stay tuned for more!

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