Posted on July 21, 2012 at 12:02 pm

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Everyone wants to reach a point of feeling healthy and looking healthy, but there are millions of misleading advertisements and products about diet pills, lap bands, cookie diet and the list goes on. It is easy for one to lose track or forget the ultimate result.  Here are a few tips to follow to get your health on!

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Consuming different fruits and vegetables gives your body the essential vitamins and minerals to protect against diseases, and keeps you young , healthy and vibrant.

2. Be active for atleast 1 hour 6 days/week

Staying active in any form; yoga, running, walking, biking, swimming or any form of physical activity increases blood circulation, detoxifies your organs, improves memory, builds muscles and prevents bone loss.  In the long run – makes you stronger, increases endurance and self- confidence.

3. Drink lost of water

Water – the simple liquid that can make your skin glow, makes you feel alive and helps in removing the toxins in your body and is extremely essential to carry on daily functions.  Drink atleast  6-8 glasses a day.

4. Spend time reading on nutrition and the benefits of each food you consume

It is hard to do anything when you don’t know why you are doing it or appreciate its value.  The same goes to following a diet or becoming healthy.  Reading more about natural food, and the nutritional content of each product, makes it easy for you to feel confident about your healthy diet choices and makes it easier to train your mind to avoid man-made /processed food. Educate yourself and train your mind.

5. Stop Stressing!

This is not an easy one. Definitely not for me!

With the lifestyle we follow, it’s hard not to stress.  It’s almost a fashion statement to feel busy, or to be stressed.  This kind of attitude shakes your equilibrium and leads to various side effects; heart attacks, nervous break downs, cyst formations etc.  During a time of stress go for a walk, practice yoga, do anything safe to distract yourself.

Rome wasn’t built in a day- true! But it started one day. Take your baby step today! 

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