Posted on July 3, 2012 at 5:33 pm

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AJAY DEVGN on Bol Bachchan!!

Bol Bachchan releases this July 6th, 2012 in theaters across the globe.  We spoke with Ajay Devgan and how it felt to work with Big B along with what his character in the film was all about, check out what he had to tell us!


UrbanAsian : After the blockbuster Singham, you are teaming up again with director Rohit Shetty in the comedy Bol Bachchan. What are audiences in store for?

Ajay Devgan: Bol Bachchan is an entertaining movie. It is a Rohit Shetty film. The audience will get all the things they like to watch the most in Ajay Devgn-Rohit Shetty movies. Apart from the entertaining portion, the film also has outrageous jokes, drama and mind-blowing action.


Urban Asian: Tell us more about your character Prithviraj in Bol Bachchan.

Ajay Devgan: This is the first time that I have played a Pehelwan (wrestler). The role has been beautifully written, and since I had never played a Pehelwan before the entire team thought it would only enhance the film. It is good for an actor to keep playing different types of roles. Also, today’s audience doesn’t want to see an actor play the same role time and again. How long can you entertain the audience with the same type of character?  The basic idea is to entertain the audience. Now you have to decide how much entertainment you can deliver through your film. We, as a team, try to give 100 percent entertainment. With Bol Bachchan, we will be providing 100-plus percent entertainment. I can assure you my character will entertain the audience from the beginning to the end. Yes, kids love characters like these, but who says older people don’t? This film is for people of all ages and we plan to deliver the fireworks on the big screen this summer.


Urban Asian: Tell us about the title track and performing with Amitabh Bachchan – was this always part of the film?

Ajay Devgan: People associated with the project always knew this song was part of the film. From the inception itself, we had decided to have this song on Amit-ji. It is just that we shot it after we completed the entire film. Obviously, the presence of Amit-ji, even in the song, enhances the prospects of the film. The title of the film is Bol Bachchan and it also has Abhishek Bachchan. So how can this film be complete if we don’t have Amit-ji?

UrbanAsian: Singham released in July 2011 and now you have Bol Bachchan in July 2012. Was the timing deliberate?

Ajay Devgan: People say if you deliver a big hit in a particular week, one should follow that trend. It is something we have been following for years. It is not a superstitious thing but where’s the harm? We released Singham within a stipulated time frame. But Bol Bachchan is a bigger film made on a bigger canvas. It is not a film we could complete and release within a specific period. Luckily, we managed to finish the film recently and thus decided to release it in July. Singham is still fresh in audiences’ minds. And let me tell you, it is not just film experts who remember which film released when, it is audiences too. At the end of the day, the audience decides the fate of a film. If they were with you for your last film, they will be with you for your next film. If you give them what they want, they will stand by you. Bol Bachchan is one such film, made purely for the audience and their summer entertainment.

UrbanAsian: Do you think comedy and action in a film will make it a success at the box office?

Ajay Devgan: Making a good film is a safe bet at the ticket counter. Action and comedy always entertain but just gags and punches on a villain’s face don’t make a film entertaining. You need to have a base, a good story. Yes, comedy and action enhance the fate of a film.

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