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A Message For The Seekers [DAJJAL]

Sullee J is back with a new article “A Message For The Seekers“, although this time it takes a different view.  This article relates to the theme of the great deception and how the world is on an edge.

In Sullee’s own words:

“I myself am not certain of what this means in full yet, but what came to me in my heart when writing this, I know there was a reason behind it. It gave me goosebumps once i finished writing, and I hope it can awaken some people when they come across this article. It is truly a message for the believer, to the seeker of knowledge and truth. I hope it impacts you as much as it did me when i received this word.”

Spoken word version

‘A Message For The Seekers

By Sullee J

Verily, the time has come
In which the eye is one
Blind in one side,
The other defines the defiant one
The mystified liar
The tyrant’s son
Once, a conscious
Now his disguise is one
Brutal in tactics
Swarming through the sky, he runs
Delivery he, does bigotry
Deep inside, it’s fun
A force so evil,
Even the demons alive,
What have we here?
A prophecy arrived?
The word of the Prophet (pbuh),
Coming with him, the isosceles tribe
Hypocrisy strived,
The figure with a straight speech
On his appearance, an immodesty stye
Claim, he will,
God’s status on earth,
So forth, he will say
His magic, is worth
His follower’s will rise
As earth’s ignorance prevails
Multiplied cults, designed
To birth, ridiculous trails
Beware of the truth he speaks
For his tongue is boisterous
Sputum: vigorous,
Intention full of hate,
Motive: execute the innocent
His presence will be pure
But foul as a degenerate
Genius with the word
But his sound, malevolent
Centuries ago,
Ancients spoke of this matter
“He is coming” they said
Goal: to provoke, disaster
His name will shine
In the light. They will display him
As they await his prime,
In the night,
The promised, will slay him
Who denies,
The very time of his arrival
The mischievous one!
Controller of current minds,
The blind folk’s idol
Who’s to say, he will be great?
Surely, those who have lost faith!
Who’s to say, glorify his name?
Surely, disbelievers have forgotten
And nullified God’s name!
He will promise you good tidings
And feed your vulnerability!
He will make disbelief a trend
Until he achieves your misery
Foolish! Ye’ are who fall for such strategy
Have you not been given a mind of your own?
Think! This is blasphemy!
This is a warning,
Behold the coming of a great defier!
The manipulator,
Lure of the weak, toward the gates of fire
And who so falls for his tarnished antics,
Will only be deceiving themselves,
Surely, they will be at loss for all chances!
Say, what you know of God,
Which allows you to believe what you hear?
They tell you He is unaware?
What proof do you carry?
Show your evidence! Where?
Do not be so arrogant,
And claim you know the truth!
Your truth is but an illusion,
Your proof, is but one after another excuse!
What has your inventions brought you,
But temporary hope?
“Science cures cancer”!
Nothing, but unnecessary dope!
So, denies God then, they continue to say!
But only will you have denied yourself this way!
Humanity has conceived its own problem,
More than plenty have fallen astray!
Look what you have given birth to today!
Though, only has it been etched
Into the hearts of true believers!
Be aware of this savage pest,
Fear not his doom,
For, to those who believe, he is, but meager!
So feed into it not,
What entertains the heedless!
Dajjal is on the way,
This! A message for the seekers!

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