Posted on June 19, 2012 at 12:50 am

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Sham Idrees’ Dil says “Dil Dil Pakistan”

Canadian singing stars, Sham Idrees and Karter Zaher, who earlier collaborated on the hit “Fame and a Girl” are already back with a brand new track (and video) called “Dil Dil Pakistan.”   The song was officially released earlier today on YouTube as well as iTunes.

The song is a tribute to the country both originally hail from, and is a cover of the following video.  As Sham says on the video link,

“The most popular song ever made in pakistan was dil dil pakistan and this is our way of bringing the message of peace and love to all countries and give everyone an opportunity to be proud of their country.”

Sham’s version with Karter is an R & B update on the original classic.

Most of Sham’s videos quickly hit the 6 figs in downloads/views, and I’m sure his new video will be no different.  The video has already hit 20,000 views in the first day of launch!  Check out both versions above and let us know which one wins your dil (heart).

Also, check out Sham’s debut CD, “A New Beginning” and “Aik Naya Raasta” (Hindi version).  Click here to view my review of it.

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