Posted on June 19, 2012 at 12:00 am

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RDB tributes brother Kuly – Yaadan

It has been a few weeks since the passing of RDB’s Kuly and the community has come together to support friends and family with alot of prayers and tributes. Recently Surj and Manj have put a amazing video together that gave a tribute to there brother Kuly. Below is a video called Yaadan which features pictures and snaps of Kuly and the brothers from his childhood and recent with RDB featuring Haroj Singh.

We at UrbanAsian are praying for the family and the friends. The brothers have recently just opened up a studio in India as well. The Asian world has been deeply shocked about the recent pass of Kuly and many in Bollywood have been remembering him by his amazing work and music.Check out the recent tribute to Kuly from both the brothers!



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