Posted on June 12, 2012 at 5:20 pm

Featured Music What's Happenin'


He’s back and he’s got a new video! Yes, that’s right Raja Wilco who is known to do countless mixtapes and compilation features is back with with a brand new video and song for his upcoming album! This song is a collaboration of a talented group of Urban Desi hip-hop pioneers which include Sir Aah and Sureet Sandhu (both worked with Slaughterhouse, Clipse, Nipsy Hustle) from the DMV (DC Metro Area).  The production by Sureet (Digital Desi) starts with a laid back acoustic guitar setting the vibe, hard kicks for the beat and flutes to give the chorus its ambiance.  The song represents the everyday grind and the long roads traveled on a daily basis for work or school and back on the highway to get home.  Represented is the everyday struggle and hustle along with the long journey these rappers have faced in music and life.  BWIK (Best Way I Know) expresses the fact that these artists have put forth their best not only in music, but also everything they do.  In short, they “Make it happen….” as he states!



Packed with metaphors and punchlines the track is dedicated to the late great GURU from the legendary Golden Era hip hop group GANG STARR.  They were such an influence to Raja, that he is felt obligated to release this track now, one year after GURU’s passing.

Growing Up in New Jersey and the NYC metro area, he was exposed to a lot of groundbreaking music including Hip Hop, RnB and House.  Writing was his first foray into the creative realm as a high school student.  After a couple performances along with his gigs as a DJ in NYC he intertwined with the culture.  Going to school and living in NYC gave him further drive not only a part of the music but a focal as a rap lyricist and MC.  With additional airplay in India, collaborations with UNIVERSAL and SAREGAMA plus performances with Jay Dabhi, Cassidy, Imran Khan, Jay Sean, Rishi Rich and more has humbly brought Wilco to this point.

The video has two songs on display a mix between the new BWIK single and the highly praised politically charged Something’s Goin On released previously. Tell us what you think, Raja Wilco makes his comeback with a video, single and a whole new album! Keep it locked for more on Raja Wilco!

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