Posted on June 8, 2012 at 3:19 am

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Nefa Zoo releases new mixtape featuring Dead Prez and Gorilla Zoe

Florida’s hottest rising hip-hop artist, Nefa Zoo frontman Trx, released his third mixtape Free The Animals earlier this week. A compilation of Trx’s best work to date, the tape showcases fan favorites like “Ignited”  alongside new jams like “She Looks”and “Unfair”. Gorilla Zoe and dead prez also make appearances on the mixtape, lending their verses to Trx’s signature futuristic sounds.

On “Time Travel”, the lead single off Free The Animals, dead prez members and M-1 trade verses between Trx’s spacey, melodic chorus. cleverly uses the time travel concept as an extended metaphor for long-distance running, while M-1 delivers a rapid-paced verse about traveling through space and time.

Trx collaborated with dead prez in the studio after performing as the opening act for dead prez’s 4/20 concert in Tallahassee. Trx’s energetic live shows have garnered him significant attention in the south-east hip-hop scene, and have earned him opening spots for the likes of dead prez, Gorilla Zoe, and Curren$y.

Featured on the premiere mixtape source,, Free the Animals, has already attracted thousands of listeners.  Be sure to download it here and keep up with the boys on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube!

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