Posted on June 19, 2012 at 11:16 pm

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Meet Bobby B and his Soniye!

Bobby B, the Scandinavian Asian producer & artist, also known as Bobby Bihal, released the music video for his single “Soniye!”

Bobby B’s debut single is off of his his upcoming album, “Scandinasian,” the ultimate showcase for Bobby B’s diverse production style, and is a testament to his ability to both nurture new talent and collaborate in fresh and innovative ways with established artists like Miss Pooja. He has created a unique sound that brings together traditional Indian sounds and the house/urban infused beats.The album is due to release in end of July 2012. Check out the music video for “Soniye” shot completely in Mumbai, India!



Brought up in Denmark, Scandinavia, Bobby B’s Indian roots have always been a great part of his life and Hindi/Punjabi music and Bollywood movies were essential factors in his upbringing. At the age of 15, Bobby experimented to combine the Western and Eastern music. Few years later he began to take an interest in producing his own music and slowly moved away from re-mixing. He started working on producing music for big artists in Scandinavia and India.

Fortunately, his production work caught the attention of Danish record record labels who kept a close eye on his musical and personal development. From there he has produced big remixes and theme-songs for TV-shows and worked with International artists. In 2007, Bobby B went on to release the hit song “Clubshaker,” which became a big hit in UK and India and was a regular on Indian music channels, opening the gate to the Urban Asian market for Bobby B.



The Copenhagen-born rising star signed his first album under the production of “After-party” for the record label Ishq Records based in UK, which is also owned by the world known producer and re-mixer Bally Sagoo. The album contained 8 bhangra songs directing the mood for the asian clubs. Later he went on to launch his own production company entitled Dharma Sounds, and with his continuous eye for talent, Bobby’s search for creative flair and innovation has led him to new exciting artists within the unexplored borders of Scandinavia.

On the following years he kept on collaborating and producing tracks that got to be released as singles on top-selling compilation albums in UK, India, Germany, and France before working on a promotional solo-album entitled No Borders, which released late 2011. No Borders is available for free download on Bobby B’s website. The album features top established artists like Bohemia, Bakshi Billa, Shamur and upcoming talented artists hailing from Scandinavia, India and USA.

In 2012, an offer came from the record label, Limitless, who has given Bobby the freedom to create the type of art he lived for! They will now be releasing the album “Scandinasian” worldwide in the summer of 2012!

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