Posted on June 11, 2012 at 12:28 am

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Jay Sean’s New Single “I’m All Yours” ft. Pitbull Is Worth It All!

Jay Sean‘s back on the scene as we sat down a few weeks ago to talk about his newest single “I’m All Yours” featuring Pitbull! We chatted about the exciting collaboration and his new album “Worth It All” on which this single is featured. He’ll also tell us how this new tune isn’t like what we’re used to hearing these days and is just what we need for the summer. Listen for some special UrbanAsian audience question thrown into the mix as well!

Since the smash hit track “Down” topped the charts in 2009, and “Hit the Lights” lyrics were on everyone’s lips last year, it seemed that we hadn’t seen Jay Sean in a quite a while. Well not to worry, he’s stirred up a new hit single that’s climbing the iTunes charts!

In only 48 hours of release just recently, “I’m All Yours’ broke the top 20 on iTunes, reaching the top 10 in many countries around the world. His fan base crosses many regions of the world and fans have been promoting the song through social media all across the web!

Be sure to check out our conversation with British sensation Jay Sean and to catch the music video below!




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