Posted on June 25, 2012 at 12:53 am

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Michael Jackson’s untimely death in June 2009 drove millions of adoring fans to tears.  With the 3rd anniversary approaching, for many it’s not only a time for reflection, but also an opportunity to celebrate the life and love of a man who changed the music world forever.

A huge Michael Jackson fan himself, our very own Rajeev B is pleased to announce his latest offering ‘Beat It Boliyan’. The music maestro pays homage to the superstar that inspired him throughout his teens with this tribute track, which features the vocals of the formidable Saini Surinder.

This fun but high octane recording skilfully blends a riff from the MJ anthem ‘Beat It’ with pure dance-floor bhangra rhythms that are sure to excite music lovers, Asian and mainstream. ‘Beat It Boliyan’ released today, on the 25th June, the actual date of the anniversary.

Leaked news of the pending track has driven MJ fans into a frenzy with Rajeev’s twitter receiving 1000’s of re-tweets from across the globe.

Rajeev says:

“MJ was someone who always inspired me and has given me the drive to continue my musical journey. His talents and voice are amazing, the ideas and the way he made music is something nobody will ever be able to replicate. I never got to meet MJ and that was a lifelong dream of mine, so I wanted to put a track out that tributes him and all his hard work. His musical talents have inspired me to make my music as out of the box as I can. I hope this track shows the love and support MJ had from people of all ethnic origins and how he touched the hearts of many across the globe with his music. I’m hoping this track will appeal to Asian and English people and it carries forth MJ’s energy and excitement but just in a different genre”.

This project comes off the back of his debut single ‘Daroo’ and the follow up ‘Hai Soniyeh’ both of which topped the iTunes World Music Chart and enjoyed many weeks on radio playlists across the UK and further afield. His first studio album ‘The Takeover’ features NIrmal Sidhu, Saini Surinder, Late Kaka Bhaniawala and many more and is due for release later this year on the E3UK & Kudos Music Label.

The song comes complete with a fantastic high budget video produced by Dreamshock.

‘Beat It Boliyan’ is available as a free download from from 25th June 2012.

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