Posted on May 28, 2012 at 5:17 pm

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Tigerstyle's New Single-Ik Banere

“Ik Banere” (“A Rooftop”)  is Tigerstyle’s latest single from the forthcoming new album titled “Digi-Bhang.”

Tigerstyle’s new material showcases the unique direction they are taking, by making use of electronic and synthetic sounds but always fusing with Bhangra, international elements and plenty of BASS!! Their previous release ‘Kudi‘ topped all Bhangra charts across the world and even found its place on playlists with no other Bhangra in sight! “Ik Banere” is an uplifting soulful summer anthem in the making. Innocent Bollywood-esque vocals by newcomer Ms Rajni, laid over a kaleidoscope of melody and tablatronic Drum n Bass.

This release has a unique twist. Tigerstyle collaborates with Ink’quisitive and Mad Tatter Films to create a music video which depicts illustrator Amandeep Singh being inspired by the track and unleashing his talent onto canvas.

Ink’quisitive produces art which engages in breaking rules. Amandeep has been able to establish his work in a very unique, innovative and eye catching way. With strong use of color and eccentric methodology on spilling ink, it has raised its dramatic awareness.

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