Posted on May 30, 2012 at 11:45 pm

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The Green Protein

The canned fish, the thick pieces of steak, the bumpy chicken wings, thin slices of not-so-cute pink salmon, the fatty beef, and the “murder “list goes on. Where do you find all of this? In the grocery list of those people who believe animal protein is the only protein available to build muscles, or those who believe in the Paleolithic diet, even though they are quite aware that they don’t chase down animals to feed themselves nor did they have organic plants to chew on as we do!

A plant-based diet is not only the natural way to eat, but it is a simple and easy way to live life. Your stomach doesn’t churn for 48 hours to digest a plant-based meal, while your beef and yummy chicken angel wings could take a day to be digested and even longer before it could exit your tummy. Fruits and vegetables digest within 30-40 minutes, and they are much more easily absorbed by the body and not to forget the obvious reason, for it is famous for the myriad of vitamins, minerals, cancer-fighting warrior elements, and the best healing properties found on earth.

A lot of you have argued, “Fruits and vegetables have no or little protein and that’s not enough, you need more!” First-  Those colorful and yummy things have huge amounts of protein and you definitely don’t need more protein, especially not when a few living creatures have to head to heaven for you to gain some muscles (a sarcastic yet thought invoking joke– stay with me and ride on this healthy roller coaster).



Banana- 5%/1 cup

Spinach – 2% /1 cup

Spirulina- 60%

Dates-  1%/ 1 date

Avocado -9 %/1 cup pureed

sprouted brown rice protein powder -15g /1 serving

Blueberry -1% /1 cup


Now that you have a list of good plant-based protein food, what do you do? Take a glass of coconut water or almond milk and blend it! Get a glass of healthy and natural protein.

Eating food that is simple, healthy, and close to nature is the easiest way to a good mind and body.

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