Posted on May 24, 2012 at 2:54 am

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Nadia Ali Is Back At It Again, Believe It!

Nadia Ali has made a major impact in the dance music industry.  She has worked with some very talented producers like Avicii, Sultan and Ned Shepard, Morgan Page, and even Armin Van Buuren. Nadia Ali has performed in numerous countries around the world, from the United States, to Egypt, to Russia to India.

Nadia has brought us some of the greatest hits with her amazing voice. For example, Rapture received over 11 million views on YouTube, Love Story received over 2 million views, and Pressure made it big over the radio.  Her vocals and talent are recognized and respected around the world by fans and producers.

Nadia is featured on Morgan Page’s new album and is working on her new album. In the meantime, watch her new video to ‘Believe It’ below. The video features Nadia dancing in various sexy outfits with a backdrop of Dubai, a desert, mountains and a pool in the background. Her looks and talent flowed well together in this video, I couldn’t believe it!

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