Posted on May 13, 2012 at 11:29 pm

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G-Deep is back with his third album, Hiq Vich Jor!

After the huge success of Sher Punjabi in 2008 and O’Billo in 2010/2011, G-Deep is back with his third album Hiq Vich Jor!

After his Sher Punjabi album G-Deep took a different musical route and came out with O’Billo which had a hindi/Bollywood vibe to it. Although, G-Deep experimented with the hindi album and it gained a lot of success for the artist, he wanted to stick to his Punjabi roots and cater to his Punjabi fans with Hiq Vich Jor. G-Deep wants to make music that really matters and for that reason this album showcases a variety of different types of songs. The title track Hiq Vich JorBhagat Singh is a partriotic track that is very close to G-Deep’s heart. Bhagat Singh is a huge icon and role model, through this track,

G-Deep has teamed up with Punjabi label Amar Audio for this album. He hopes to influence the youth and hopefully make a positive impact in their lives through music. The album features a total of ten tracks, including Desi Aage Ne which features UK based rapper The Truth. Other songs on the album are Taani Yaaran Di, Na Na Chedi Na, Hit Man, O Dekh Shakeena, Vadah Tera, Husna Diye Pariye, Giddhe Vich, and bonus track Bring it back (Sohniya Kuriya feat. Bigg Boss contestant Sunny Leone).

G-Deep has worked very hard at this album and he hopes that all his fans will continue to support him as they have over the years. Keep it locked on Urban Asian to find out the latest on this new album!

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