Posted on May 3, 2012 at 11:58 pm

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Dangerous Ishhq 3D to cost twice the amount of India's first 3D movie!

Vikram Bhatt camp is famous and very well known for making films which are out of the box and extraordinary.  With Dangerous Ishhq 3D, the audiences are expecting the same after looking at its posters and trailers!  Haunted 3D was the first stereoscopic 3D film of India and Dangerous Ishhq 3D is said to be budgeted twice as much as the amount spent for Haunted 3D!

The movie features our lovely Karishma Kapoor and Rajnish Duggal, all set to thrill the audiences worldwide on May 11th, 2012!! With a thrilling concept, the magic of ace director Vikram Bhatt, Karishma Kapoor’s screen presence and all the moolah spent, Dangerous Ishhq definitely looks to fulfill the needs of Janta looking for some thrilling experience.

Vikram Bhatt quotes:

“Dangerous Ishhq comes with a much bigger idea and travels through quite a few time periods. Since different eras are being explored, it is imperative that we catch their essence well.  The production values had to be grander this time around and Dangerous Ishhq has twice the budget of Haunted”

All this hype sure has the audiences waiting impatiently!  Don’t wait to check it out!

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