Posted on April 27, 2012 at 5:25 am

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Sullee J's "Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline"

If you have been a fan of UrbanAsian, you probably know by now that Baltimore’s best rapper, Sullee J, has pretty much become one of our honorary writers.  But hey, you’ll hear no complaints from us at UrbanAsian, since he always writes to spread the world about tolerance, peace, acceptance, and love.  His latest article – “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline” – is extra special as it speaks to all the women of the world!  Sullee J wants you to know that, you are beautiful, regardless what the magazines, movies, and celebrities tell you.  A much needed message in today’s plastic surgery crazy society, wouldn’t you agree?  Read on below for the article.


“Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline” 

By: Sullee J

Don’t let the magazines dress you, girls on television impress you, cynical rules address

you, or sexist pricks disrespect you. Beautiful is how you were created, not what they

tell you. Keen and intellect is what you are, not how they reflect you. Don’t let the press,

suppress you. Don’t let the media’s judgment represent you. Don’t let the pressure

affect you. Don’t let their idea of beauty get you! It will only upset you, enough to regret

you. Don’t hate you because you are not what they believe should make you. Dry your

tears! Because no matter how hard you try, they will remain ungrateful.

Do you love yourself? Or do you love the image they have created to display you? Do

you think exposing more skin is a form of acceptance? Is that what you think it gains

you? Little girls are babysat by TV, who grow to look up to teen sensations that are

represented in such a demeaning manner. For example, an episode which shows a

young girl lying to her parents to sneak out with her boyfriend. A girl who wears make

up to impress the older girls in school supposedly determines her level of hotness. What

does it mean to be hot? Is it dressing like a hoe aka wearing less clothes and more

make up? Does it mean, dating the most popular boy in school? Does another person’s

acceptance make you more beautiful? Is that what we are being fed?

Surely, beauty is inside you. Self-acceptance is more important than worrying about

whom other than you, accepts self! Must I remind you? Do not fall in the categories of

falsehood, or let it define you. Materials are an illusion; don’t assume they will divine

you. Who’s to say, selling yourself for less will gain you respect? What does ‘class’

mean to a society who promotes more ‘checks’, for more ‘sex’? Your body is a temple,

not a share to invest. You don’t need anybody to tell you you’re worth but yourself! Your

dignity is your wealth, not the paper itself.

Look here baby, yes a person like me exists, and I respect you for who you are, all

natural, no tricks. You don’t need to dress less or belittle your image, or believe the

propaganda description is what you must fit with. No need to mimic them Hollywood

gimmicks. Selling yourself for less, never made you any more vivid. Don’t expect

respect from other’s if you can’t respect yourself. Putting half a naked picture of yourself

to get more likes on Facebook is not the right way to raise your self-esteem! Be real!

Be confident. Most of all, keep your dignity. If a person can’t accept you for being real,

who care’s how they feel. Don’t fall into the trap of illusion, because that leads to misery

and the hearts pollution. The universe becomes a mirror of your existence; it’s all up to

you. If you be fake, then in return you get fake. If you be real, you get real. I believe that,

a real woman stands above all the “fuckery” and “fakery”. Pardon my language, but I’d

rather love you uncovered, then have you covered ostentatiously.



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