Posted on April 4, 2012 at 9:56 pm

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Karan Kundra drifting away from daily soaps

Karan Kundra seems to think that there is no creativity or challenge in the daily soaps. Now, he is hosting a teen crime show called ‘Gumraah’.

This young heartthrob says:

“It is a very bold, different and in your face show. It is something that any intelligent actor would like be a part of. Something you don’t get a chance of doing often. You can do a daily soap whenever you wish to, but you cannot do a ‘Gumrah’

Through this new breakaway from daily soaps, he has been getting pleasant remarks from his family and friends which encourages him to find his true passion in his life.

Karan Kundra has already made his debut in the film industry with the Punjabi movie ‘Pure Punjabi’. Now, he is also to be featured in Dharmesh Darshan’s ‘Jatt Romantic’

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