Posted on April 10, 2012 at 8:41 pm

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Brooklyn Shanti reveals heals through Departure Lounges and Girlfriend Experience

New York City’s very own Brooklyn Shanti will astound you once again with the recent release of two amazing new tracks, Departure Lounges and Girlfriend Experience. Capturing inspiration from his experiences, these two tracks hold a deep meaning for the artist, they tell his story.


Brooklyn Shanti in explaining the conception of these tracks, said:

“One fateful night in New Delhi, after the Teachers Awards, I was in a private jam session with Karsh Kale, Anoushka Shankar, Papon and Bobby T from OML. We were playing for a very influential A-list crowd which included Anil Kapoor (sitting on a couch in front of me, hanging on my words). What proceeded to happen was a very public yet super private nervous breakdown. In front of the room, while freestyling over the most unimaginable musical backdrop. I was so deep in my own soul that the rest of the room had melted away. And that’s when the tears and the pain in my chest came. My heart burst that night. I have lost someone. In the process of gaining everything I thought wasn’t possible.

We’re all aware of exactly how frail the human psyche is. What I had never known is precisely where my own breaking point resides. I broke that night, and there’s really only one person who can piece together the shards of what’s left…

I’ve had many loved ones come and go during my life’s short journey thus far, and I’ve cherished their energy as gifts from the universe. Many loved ones are joining me now, as I gain momentum. I, however, am living in the context of the audio snapshots contained in these two songs. I’ve never regretted being honest. I don’t know if these songs should be shared or buried forever, but I feel compelled to release them. Because it may bring me a step closer to healing.



Take a listen to the tracks and let us know what you think!  You can even download the tracks for free!

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