Posted on March 16, 2012 at 2:30 am

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Watch Out for Raiderz

RAIDERZ are a collective of singers, mc’s and producers from London. The new collective includes the incredibly talented Jernade Miah, one of the hottest young urban talents in the UK who has already created a buzz with solo tracks such as ‘Switch Me On’‘Hero’, and ‘In and Out’ each receiving a large amount views.

The group consists of: Jernade Miah (20), Melle (21), Ozzy (18), Kid Riz (19), Toks (20), Tunde (18), Mr Miniature (18). Young talent musicians like Raiderz prove that anyone of talent can follow their dreams and be successful. Raiderz are making a name for themselves so it should no surprise when you see their name at the top of the charts.

Check out their new video Shooter below. Make sure to also check out their Facebook page and website. 

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