Posted on March 24, 2012 at 10:25 pm

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Shilpa Narayan has "The Voice" according to Carson Daly

Ever since “TRL: Total Request Live” premiered on MTV back in the late ’90s early 2000s, the name Carson Daly has been synonymous with discovering good music and finding amazing musical talent.  Since his TRL days, Carson has moved on to host his own show at night (“Last Call with Carson Daly”) as well as becoming  the host of the hit-NBC vocal competition called “The Voice.”  As host of The Voice, he has continued his quest to find amazing vocal talent.  It is this quest that lead him to discover a wonderful upcoming talent from NYC – Shilpa Laxminarayan (aka Shilpa Narayan).

Several individuals submitted their music to Carson via Twitter and e-mail, but only one voice rose above the rest – that of Shilpa’s!  Shilpa had recorded a cover of Adele’sTurning Tables” that sparked Carson’s interest.  I’m sure the second you read the word Adele, you immediately thought of power-packed vocals, and that is exactly what you will find in Shilpa.  The mere fact that Shilpa even attempted an Adele song is commendable, but what is even more laudable, is how successfully she rendered her cover.

Check out the article regarding Carson’s discovery here, and also, check out Shilpa’s Adele Cover below.  UrbanAsian fans and DJ Flawless fans have probably already heard Shilpa’s music as she featured on Flawless’s EP.  In case you haven’t, her track from Flawless’ album is included below.

Shilpa is currently gearing up for a solo album release.  We’ll have all the scoop on this album shortly!   So, keep it locked to UrbanAsian for details!

Shilpa’s Adele Cover:

Shilpa’s Track with DJ Flawless:

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