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Shilpa Narayan – Album Review

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Shilpa Narayan may just be the desi scene’s answer to artists like Beyonce and Rihanna.  But take note, she isn’t a mere imitation!  Shilpa has her own distinct vocal style and sound.  Based in NYC, Shilpa is gearing for an album release later this year.  As we mentioned a few days ago, she’s quickly being noticed in the music scene.  Most recently, by Carson Daly of “The Voice.” (See details here)

Shilpa Narayan breaks onto the music scene with a solid debut, but, of course, there is always room for growth.  Luckily, with a voice and talent like Shilpa’s, she can only get better with each album release.

Shilpa’s voice is power packed, her diction perfect, and she has talent that can’t be ignored.  Her ability to draw you into the song is instantly apparent from track 1 (“Change Your Mind”) on the album, which truly displays her emotional connection to her songs.  The songs are mostly romantic ballads – about love, break-ups, survival, and putting the pieces back together.

Personally, I think Shilpa’s vocal quality transcends the romantic-ballad niche, and I hope that in the future, we get to hear some more upbeat pop/R&B/dance numbers in addition to the ballads.  Having heard the album, I can safely say that Shilpa has a good vocal range – some songs on the album hint at her ability as an R&B artist, some songs (like “No Man Left Behind”) vocally take you back to the days of mo’town, while others showcase a smoother vocal tone.  So, what I would have liked to hear is more musical variations in the songs themselves.  However, the lyrics, written by Shilpa Narayan and Jordan Garner, are right on point.

Overall, Shilpa’s album, “Stand Alone” is a great debut!  I suggest that everyone (especially girls around the world) reading this post at least give this album one listen!  Releases May 22nd, 2012.  Keep it locked to Urban Asian for details.  Also, check out the album preview below.


Change Your Mind 5/5

Shilpa’s album starts with a bang!  When you hear this song you will thankfully not “change your mind” about how talented Shilpa is.  This song is tight from music production, the lyrics, to Shilpa’s vocal talent.  Nothing to complain about on this track – probably one of the best songs on the album!

No Man Left Behind 3/5

The music production and singing on this song has more of an old school feel (probably due to the intro), which gives it a very unique sound on the album.  The only reason I gave it a 3 is that the interludes between the main choruses sound a bit screechy and having followed up “Change Your Mind” on the album, it falls a little short.  I can see what the production was trying to do – give the track some more variety – but had they taken down the instrumentals by an octave during the interludes, it wouldn’t have been so harsh on the ears.  However, that’s more a flaw with the production than a flaw with Shilpa’s singing, which showcases a more jazzy tone in this track.

Broken Anymore 4.5/5

Lyrically, this is a very strong song and Shilpa’s voice sounds especially marketable with this song.  What do I mean?  I mean every radio station could easily pick this song up for airplay.  In fact, I can picture this song playing at high school dances and visualize teens everywhere comforting themselves in this song post-break-ups, or post any loss for that matter.

Girl Is Me 4/5

The song begins with a good piano intro and is quickly followed with Shilpa’s lovely singing!  Lyrics are something most girls will be able to relate to.  Also, music production on this track is flawlessly done.   Shilpa showcases a pretty decent vocal range in this track, while still having control over diction and quality.

Could’ve Been 4/5

“Could’ve Been” is another song with great lyrics and great vocals.  However, there are other tracks on the album that better showcase Shilpa’s vocal ability.  Plus, early in the track, the drumbeat seems a very slightly off, making it a bit jarring as a backdrop to the vocals.  That’s just me being picky, though, and I’m pretty sure most listeners won’t notice the difference.   Instead, they should focus on her lyrics and singing.

Crash 4.5/5

This is such a smooth number!  Shilpa’s vocals sound their best on this track.  A very clean track, perfect choice of background music, wonderful lyrics, and amazing controlled singing on Shilpa’s part.  I definitely listened to this song more than once, and I’m sure you will too!  This song made an impact because it didn’t overpower Shilpa’s natural singing talent with overpowering background music as in “No Man Left Behind.”  This song had a very a cappella feel – I think it was the beat – but it worked and it makes you focus solely on the singing and lyrics.

Stand Alone 4.5/5

Like all of Shilpa’s songs, the message lyrically is about positivity and being able to keep going.   Like “Crash” the music didn’t overpower Shilpa’s vocals but provided an excellent support.  Another great number on the album!  The ending is also well done.

Movement 4/5

While the interludes didn’t work on “No Man Left Behind” they are exactly what this song needed to make it feel more layered as a track.  Shilpa did a fantastic job on it both lyrically and vocally.  However, some of the other songs showcase more complex lyrics.  My only real complaint – it was too short!  Nevertheless, it was a good choice to end the album on.

All in all, this album is one you must have! 

Shilpa Narayan is one name that you will be hearing more of, I’m sure!
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