Posted on March 1, 2012 at 7:01 pm

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'Shaghai' Gives Emraan Hashmi A New Look

Emraan Hashmi known for his romantic roles now he will be  coming back with a complete makeover in Dibakar Banerjee’s thriller ‘Shaghai.’

Hashmi said:

“I’m happy that I have now got a role where I can explore a lot with my looks. This character is not even a glimpse of what you have seen of Emraan Hashmi in all the 20 films before this. It’s drastically different, you won’t even recognize me. I lost quite a bit of weight for ‘Once Upon A Time in Mumbai’ and bulked up a bit for ‘Dil Toh…’ and I have to grow fat for ‘Shanghai‘, so my body has been going through a roller coaster ride.”

Emraan Hashmi had to undo the hours spent working out as he started shooting for Dibakar Bannerjee’s ‘Shanghai’, where he now sports a paunch.

“Who would have imagined Abhay Deol sporting a mustache or Emraan Hashmi moving away from his romantic image?” said a delighted Banerjee to a leading daily.

‘Shanghai’ is slated to release on June 8, 2012, under the PVR Pictures banner, be sure to catch is thriller this summer!

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