Posted on March 13, 2012 at 9:03 pm

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Science and Shopaholics: What is the correlation?

I’m sure everyone has either read the books, watched the movie, or has heard the story of “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” the story of a woman and her “shopaholic” adventures. While we all must have gotten a good laugh out of the story, we fail to understand that to an extent, there is in some cases a “shopaholic” inside all of us. Be it a man or a woman, who enjoys the feeling of purchasing a new electronic or a handbag, we often look for excuses to spend our hard-earned money; especially in rough times like ours.

For example, these days retailers have used technology as a way to sell their products through their online stores, especially for women who have a hard time finding products in their sizes. Retailers such as Ann Taylor and Old Navy carry many of the same products they carry in their retail stores online in petite and larger sizes. As a result, women who can only wear such sizes tend to over-spend while coming up with the common excuse of “It’s hard to find clothes in my size, so I will buy an abundance of them.”

While some people think it’s a sickness, did you know there is a scientific reason behind all of this? It’s true!

According to Sandip Tarkas, CEO, Future Media and CEO, Future Telecom, Future Group said “in a retail space, a consumer is in a consumption frame of mind and that’s the reason why brands can leverage this medium for its communication and engagement.” In other words, when we go into a store, specifically a retail store, we are there because we want to buy something, anything. As a result, retailers use a combination of merchandising and teach their sales experts how to communicate with the shoppers to feel comfortable enough to make a purchase.

So, the next time you decide you go on a shopping spree, take a minute to think about the scientific correlation behind it. It just might save you from spending that hard-earned dollar you are ready to throw out.

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