Posted on March 25, 2012 at 6:23 pm

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King of Comedy is back in London!

After successful responses to the Hindi theatrical play Krishan vs. Kanhaiya in May 2011, Paresh Rawal is returning to London in April 2012 to get people laughing once again.  Paresh Rawal is collaborating with Fantasia Events, founded by Bharat Amin and Mukesh Gadhvi!

The play, Krishan vs. Kanhaiya was brought to London for the first time last year, following its success in USA, earlier that year.  With endless requests from the London audience, Paresh Rawal was happily ready to return, bringing back the comedy!

Paresh Rawal plays the lead role of Krishan, who is an atheist within a religious family.  The play takes you on a journey with Krishan and the dispute he has with God.  Paresh Rawal, the lead actor defines the play as ‘an intelligent comedy, with a message to take home’.  Paresh Rawal has a great level of support on stage from his co-actors, Vaibhav Bineewale, Puja Gupta, Saunil Daru, Pradip Venugurlekar, Rajesh Singh, Chetan Dhanani and others.  With a vibrant cast, the play unfolds on its own through the story of ‘Krishan vs. Kanhaiya’.

This year Paresh Rawal will be coming closer to the Asian community, in Harrow, Wembley, Ilford, Hayes and Central London. The event will be held for five nights, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th of April 2012.   The play will be in East London on Thursday 5th of April (at 19:30), at Eastbury comprehensive school.  On Friday 6th(at 18:30) of April it will be in Harrow at Hatch End High school.  On Saturday 7th of April (at 19:30) the event will be held in Hayes at the Navnat Centre. On Sunday 8th (at 18:30) of April the production will be in Central London, at the Logan Hall and the final show, will be in Wembley at Copland Community School on 9th of April (at 18:30).

For further information and tickets please contact Bharat Amin on 07703856157 or email or visit the website at, where you can also purchase tickets along with


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