Posted on March 20, 2012 at 9:51 pm

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Gupsy Aujla and Saini Surinder presents 'Rangeeleh'

Having already collaborated on two hit tracks, the deadly duo of Gupsy Aujla and Saini Surinder team up once again for their brand new single ‘Rangeeleh’, set to release March 22nd via iTunes!

‘Rangeeleh’ is the third collaboration between both producer and vocalist, who first got together in Summer 2011 for the superb traditionally themed single ‘Bhangra’. After topping the iTunes World Chart with ‘Bhangra’, Gupsy Aujla and Saini Surinder delivered the outstanding ‘Get Funky’, an innovative house track!

‘Rangeeleh’ once again flips the script for the duo, who on the back of Get Funky, are keen to once again to show their versatility as artists. ‘Rangeeleh’ also features the fantastic ‘Violinder’ who has delivered his unique violin playing skills on to the single.

No expense has been spared for the video for Rangeeleh, shot by Filmlore and directed by Jarnail Singh. The video captures the powerful and true essence of the song ‘Rangeeleh’, shot at the medieval Bodium Castle, filming at the caste was done with the permission of the National Trust.

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