Posted on March 23, 2012 at 5:17 am

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Do it 2 me – Ajaxxx feat. Jabi

I usually don’t start my posts with a dare, but this time, I see no other option.  So, lovely Urban Asian listeners, here’s the dare.  I dare you to listen to Ajaxxx’s new tune featuring Jabi called “Do it 2 Me” without feeling an urge to hit your nearest dance floor!

Think you can resist the vibes that this song gives out?  Think again!  The beat has a smooth reggae feel, but what dominates is the amazing rap overlayed over it.  If you’ve been following Urban Asian for a while, you know that I’m incredibly picky about my music.  However, Ajaxxx, in what may be his best track out yet, has been able to satisfy this picky musician, and hopefully, will satisfy you all as well.  Check out the track below and hit the dance floor!

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