Posted on February 29, 2012 at 9:36 pm

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Y-Film Awards

All directors and producers in the Indian entertainment industry think of how to win awards. If the answer to this seemingly simple question had ever been unraveled, India would have been a happy country, with all the entertainment awards across the globe in her kitty. Indian films probably wouldn’t have to enter the Oscars through Croatia, and would have won the golden lady ages ago.

However, the answer to the above question is still a mystery. Therefore the masterminds at the Y-Films camp have come up with a simple solution: creating their own award show. And since the only nominees up for this award are the movies from the Y-Films camp itself, there is no question of losing out.

Guess who’s going to play jury? The fans of course!

In another stroke of genius innovation, the usual categories of Best Actor, Best Actress etc. have totally been done away with. Instead, the new categories are: Most Absurd Lyrics, Most Outrageous Move, Best One Liners, Most Invisible Cameo, Most Overacting Extra, Best Suiting & Shirting and the Best Rona-Dhona Scene etc.

The Y Awards work in a very simple way. A new set of categories or nominees will be posted every day. All the audience has to do is browse through the videos and vote for their favourites. The fans whose nominee wins the awards can get something, even if it is a lousy T-shirt.

So ladies and gentlemen, be ready to be a part of the very first Y-Awards!!!

To participate & catch all the fun, log in to

You can also take a look at all nomination videos on

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