Posted on February 9, 2012 at 6:57 pm

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Talent Roof Presents DESI PLAYAAZ!

You might have heard of Desi Playaaz from India’s Got Talent. Remember that song ‘Chal Jhoothee’? Well, if you liked their unique blend of Punjabi and rap check out Desi Playaaz’s new album!


Talent Roof is an urban lifestyle firm that also includes a music label. They have recently released a new album for their artists, Desi Playaaz.


The Desi Playaaz showcase the vocals of Bikram Bhullar (Andy BIG) and Harmeet Cheema (Mista H). They bring their creativity to stage from not only their past experiences, but also through their imaginative lyrics as well. After listening to it a few times, you’ll even get a hold of it and start singing with them! It’s quite a catchy tune!


Check out their performances on India’s Got Talent if you haven’t done so. Also, make sure to check their music video for ‘Chal Jhoothee’. Be sure to also buy their digital album, Punjabi Funk!

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