Posted on February 13, 2012 at 1:37 pm

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Sullee J – We Marched, Still [Spoken Word] – Black History Month Special Release

If you love rap that promotes equality, then you’ll be thrilled that rapper Sullee J is back with another “Spoken Word” this month – “We Marched, Still”.  This piece reflects the struggles of a whole race and speaks on various scenarios that they had to battle in order to get where they are today.

In Sullee J’s own words:

“I wrote this to keep us awake, and always remember where we came from. I feel like a lot of us forget or get spoiled in the hype. At one point, we fought and died over school and earning the privilege to read a book. Today we shoot each other and die over material things like who has the newest Jordan’s? God puts us through things, but he also pulls us through them. He does this so, we can humble ourselves and appreciate what we have, not forget what we were granted!”

Check it out below:

Spoken Word: “We Marched, Still – By Sullee J”

Lyrics for the Spoken Word below:

We Marched,

Even though we fought hard

With hearts dark enough 

To darken the stars, 

We Marched, Still

Even when our fathers were lynched

And mothers convinced, 

There youngn’s raped of there innocence

We Marched, Still

Even when the bright snow beat us

And the great white restrained to feed us

We had to walk miles for water

Hydration was heaven, 

We question,

Oh Lord, are you sure you still need us?

We Marched, Still

Conquered by the myth in our hearts, 


Thinking we were doomed at birth, 

We fought still

With nothing but dirt, 

We carved steal

Barricaded on the same earth, 

Today we oft chill

We Marched, Still

Died for generations, 

Couldn’t feed our children knowledge

Books weren’t allowed penetration

In the minds of those who’s skin

Was, but even one percent, 

Dark, still

We Marched, to kill

Destroy the forced niche

And eradicate the shovelers 

Who dug us this poor ditch

And put limits on us

Because the pigment was so rich

We Marched, Still

Til’ the last breath was taken

Til’ our flesh was ripped off our backs,

Still we believed in our creation

We Marched, still

To make a way for our seeds

So today we could look back

And not take for granted,

What we shall receive

We March, still

Our hearts filled

With patience, faith

And scars, chilled

But we persevere

And starve stlll

For the remembrance 

Of our forefathers 

Who fought, I feel

It’s been ages, 

But, we must not forget as we age, 

For the fight for freedom is ageless, 

And so I reveal

I am the spirits of this eerie past,

I had a dream, 


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