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Love in 2012

Valentine’s Day has been described as a day for lovers and love. Whether it is two lovers expressing their undying love for one another, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a husband and wife or just two friends who have fallen in love.

What I have always loved about Valentine’s Day is that it is a day fully dedicated to love and love alone. My family and friends who have known me through the years know how much of a hopeless romantic I am. I am the first person to run to listen to someone pouring their heart out as they tell the story of their beloved.

Yesterday seemed like an ordinary day when I sat down on the computer and turned to listen to my favorite daytime radio show, “Weekday Shake-Up” hosted by Waseem Shaikh, on Naach Radio. Naach Radio is a radio station based out of Toronto covering the entire North American region. Whether you tune in on your computer desktop or laptop or listen to it via TuneIn Radio, a downloadable radio application, you can listen to it just about anywhere. Little did I know while listening to Waseem, I would hear the most amazing love story. A story which had been developing over a month.

During the show, Waseem stopped the music to read “listeners’s confessions” which had been emailed to be read live on air. He started off describing how nervous he was having to read out confessions of listeners as they are quite intense. He began reading a listener’s email which was titled “The Revelation of Chamak Chalo.” Chamak Chalo was an alias which the listener labeled a girl he was expressing his feelings to.  Little did his fellow listeners of the Naach Shout-Out box know that “Chamak Chalo” was real.

Waseem started reading the email with the listener giving some shout-outs to his fellow friends whom he has made along the way. He gave thanks to them for their support and strength in writing the email. With that being said he described how Valentine’s Day has become a commercialized holiday, where people wait one day, out of the 365 days, to express their love to their special someone. As a newcomer to love, he wanted to take advantage of  Valentine’s Day by confessing what was in his heart; his true feelings for his lady love. A Bollywood moment was taken as Waseem rewound a month prior still reading how this reader met this new girl in the shout-out box and immediately stepped in to say “hello.” From that moment on, a friendship developed. From friendship something more developed. What that was no one knew.

As the email went on with the listener describing her as being just classy enough to him for eating bruschetta with a knife and fork on their first date, “Chamak Chalo’s” name was then revealed. Shortly after, “Chamak Chalo” called in giving her reaction to the email which was read. She was utterly speechless as she told her side of the story how a friendship developed into something else.  She ended the conversation reciprocating her love and affection to the new love in her life.

What really caught my attention in this story was not just how two complete strangers fell in love after meeting in a Shout Out box. It was the way that a simple boy poured his heart into an email to have it be read live on air. He had no clue whether his love would be reciprocated, nor did he care. For the first time he has devoted his unconditional love to someone just to tell her how he really felt about her. He did not care about what others said about her nor her eating habits. To her he is perfect and vice-verse. Traditional love such as this is unconditional. It knows no boundaries, only love. It has no expectations, only to give. Love like this gave me hope that traditional love still exists. It is not just found in movies or in books, it is within all of us. To be honest, one can not truly love someone until they show unconditional love to someone. That is the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.

We at Urban Asian would like to wish this happy couple all the best in their journey ahead.

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