Posted on February 1, 2012 at 8:39 pm

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Zee TV's leading ladies meet King Khan at Zee Cine Press Conference!

The recently concluded Zee Cine Awards 2012 saw several lifelong dreams come true. And one such dream was that of Zee TV’s leading ladies Mitali Nag (Krishna of Afsar Bitiya), Asha Negi (Poorvi of Pavitra Rishta) and Rati Pandey (Indira of Hitler Didi) when they had the opportunity of coming face-to-face and interacting with their heartthrob – superstar Shah Rukh Khan! The three leading ladies had a chance to be a part of the Indian and international media alongside the King Khan and ZEEL MD and CEO, Punit Goenka at a press conference on the day of the awards soirée.


Having started off in television himself, King Khan had a bit of advice for the lovely ladies:  “I have a tip for you three beautiful women – Just keep hugging me! Give me a hug in the morning, afternoon and evening daily and watch how your life just changes for the better…all those who have hugged me have had a successful life!” He then spoke philosophically, “As an actor, don’t ask your audience what they have given you … ask yourself what it is that YOU can give them as an actor.”

Not about to let such a golden opportunity pass them by, the three ladies immediately huddled on stage to hug the hero they’ve loved and admired for so many years.

 Asha Negi said, “Sharing the dias with Shah Rukh has been the absolute highlight of our entire Zee Cine Awards experience. He is so down to earth and charming, we were completely floored by him.”


Rati Pandey said, “It took us a while to digest that we were actually hugging Shah Rukh Khan. He spoke so well at the press conference and his words of advice to us as an actor are something we will always cherish and live by! There’s just one regret that I am left with and that is the fact that I did not ask him when I will get the chance to work with him. I was too overwhelmed at the mere sight of SRK to think coherently and collect my thoughts”


Mitali Nag added. “If Krishna has a dream of becoming an officer, Mitali has always dreamt of meeting Shah Rukh Khan because I have been in love with him for over 15 years now….I just enjoyed the moment of sharing space with him at this prestigious platform…It’s a dream come true!”


At the awards soirée, later, the fabulous trio went up on stage and expressed their love and affection for their role model, Vidya Balan, who started her career as a Zee actress and has carved a distinct niche for herself in the film fraternity with bravura performances year after year. A visibly touched Vidya thanked the three ladies and blew kisses at them from the audience. All in all, the awards experience in Macau turned out to be something they will cherish for a lifetime.

The ‘Zee Cine Awards 2o12 is sponsored by Lebara Mobile, powered by Neesa Premium Basmati Rice, in  association with The Accident Genie, Cofresh, Royal Sweets, Champion Atta, State Bank Of India, Gujarat Tourism and RDH Solicitors’ will be telecast this weekend. Be sure to catch the show airing this weekend on Zee TV and Zing!

Curtain Raiser – 4th Feb @ 7pm on Zing and 6pm on Zee TV

Red Carpet – 5th Feb @ 7pm on Zing & Zee TV

Main Event – 5th Feb @ 7:30pm on Zee TV

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