Posted on February 28, 2012 at 7:50 am

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Headliner 2 Album's New Video!


Surjit Khan, whose career has spawned for over a decade now, is coming back to produce a new album with production pioneer Ravi Bal entitled Headliner 2.  After hit CDs like Akhian Ladha Lai Chup Karke,’ ‘Hassia Na Kar’ and ‘Balle Ishqaa’, Khan’s newest album promises a fantastic collection of upbeat tracks and ballads.  The ten tracks in his album include hits like “Jugni”, “Maa”, “Gabhru Panjab Varga” and newer hits like the explosive “Tor Shakeena Di” and energetic “Been.”  With tons of hits in the past, it is exciting to see how far this duo will go together in the future on their successful journey to produce more hits.

Check out the official video for “Been” right here!

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