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Get to know H Dhami

“Live today and hope for tomorrow.”  Yes. We’ve all heard it so many times, but hearing it from a celebrity just gives it so much more meaning. Especially when the celebrity who says this is his motto is H-Dhami.  He lives by these positive words and his success is proof of it! What inspiration!

The positive energy definitely runs in the family as H-Dhami was inspired by his own father, Palvinder Dhami who was the lead singer in Heera, his band. At age 6, his father taught H-Dhami about music and influenced his love for music. His singing career started around the age of 17 or 18, while he was still in college, but he was determined to finish his education first. Later, he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science.

Another interest he has besides music is soccer. He enjoys playing soccer and it has become a hobby over the years of practice.  His favorite food is desi khanna and his favorite Punjabi dish is Aloo Gajar di Sabzi, but the times he is away from home he enjoys places such as, The Cheesecake Factory, one of his favorites.

The perfect life partner according to H-Dhami would be someone with a good, positive personality, and a clean heart.

When asked how lyrics come to his mind and if there is any special place he goes to for inspiration, he replied lyrics happen when they are going to happen and it could be anywhere. His father helps him write lyrics and other inspiring artist that have helped him become who he is today are Rishi Rich, Mumzy Stranger, and many more. H-Dhami believes Teamwork Made the Dream Work.

When asked about his reaction to his first biggest hit he said that seeing the crowd appreciating and loving made him want to work even harder. His fan a huge inspiration for him and they are definitely the adrenaline that keeps him going. One of the biggest moments in his success was when BBC Radio UK played Heeriye, his hit track, on his birthday, the first of June.

Everyone wanted to know what he will be doing in 2012, well all the H-Dhami fans out there keep a open eye for the documentary that will be releasing in 2012. This documentary will be about Dhami and his journey in life which will include his fan plus the support they have given him throughout the years. So fans this one is for YOU!

UrbanAsian exclusive from when he visited Chicago, IL.

Thanks to Bhavesh Patel Saahil Exclusive who helped make this interview possible.

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