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Bollywood Fashion What's Happenin'

Fashion Faux pas at Genelia D'souza and Riteish Deshmukh's pre-wedding bash!

Genelia D’Souza and Riteish Deshmukh’s pre-wedding bash brought out the hottest Bollywood has offer and now it’s time to see how these stars made their presence known! Check out our list of hits and misses from the party!


Of course, we’ve got to start with the beautiful bride and sexy groom! The happy couple looked absolutely adorable together!  Genelia looked amazing in a sweet and short sapphire blue dress with a black embroidered belt and black heels. Riteish complemented her well in a pin-striped black suit with satin lapels over a crisp white shirt with black buttons all fitted to perfection. A man in a well fitted suit is always a plus!



Another couple at the event was Malaika and Zayed Khan! These two may be a pair of cuties, but their outfits are definitely NOT! Zayed’s boots look like he snatched it off of the sets of Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One! I know they say every woman needs a little black dress, but Malaika dear, not THAT dress! The shape of the dress was not flattering at all. Better luck next time guys!

Actress Sushma Reddy was also at the bash in a cute little dress, cute and little being the operative words here. Someone needs to remind Sushma she’s not 12 years old anymore.

Sunil Shetty was seen at the affair looking fit as always though you can tell he’s aged, but hey, on him it works! Sunil didn’t look horrid, but it’s not like he dressed to impress either. I would have loved to see Sunil Shetty all dressed up Don style! All black fitted suit, shiny Italian shoes, oh the fantasies we’d create!



Now THIS is a little black dress done right! Malaika Khan needs to hire Zarine Khan’s stylist because Zarine looks stunning!

The smokey makeup, fitted black dress, black pumps, gold accents and wavy hair are all absolutely perfect! I’m a girl of sparkle myself.  Personally, I probably would have gone with more gold accents, perhaps strappy gold heels, but Zarine looks stunning as is!


Now here’s a face we don’t see on the movie screen too often, Aftab Shivdasani! Aftab looks very casual (what is with the men of Bollywood rocking jeans to parties? Is there a memo I didn’t get?) but he still looks adorable with that dimpled smile of his topping off a perfect look. Like Sunil Shetty, Aftab looks cute, but too casual for a party.  Stop being lazy and dress up boys!

Now Tusshar Kapoor is still rocking those Bollywood boy jeans BUT he definitely looks more dressed up than Aftab and Sunil! The dark jeans and button down shirt add sophistication and I love his brown belt and shoes. Matching accents? Looks like someone put in a lot of effort in his look! I must say it definitely paid off, Tusshar looks hot!

Amisha Patel showed up at the party with her ruby red lips, a cheetah print clutch and yet another little black dress. Although I like the bottom half of her dress with the sequins, the top half horrifies me. Does anyone else feel the need to shout street-walker?? Though she is trying to keep up with trends with that cheetah print bag and red lipstick, this dress is not up to par at all.

Sanjay Dutt’s wife, Manyata Dutt did surprisingly well. The fitting of her dress suited her body shape and it was simple, nothing crazy over done. The braid at the neckline and the fitting skirt and sleeves showed off an hourglass shape. If only her hair didn’t look like she just walked out of the shower, if she had straighten it or piled it up in a bun of curls it would have looked better.

Manyata’s purse was interesting and the gold shoes were adorable. If only she had time to help out her husband. Sanjay Dutt looks like he just rolled out of a hammock and what is with the one sleeve rolled up??

Shazahn Padmasee was also at this bash looking like the cutest cupcake in the bunch! Seriously, she looks like someone frosted her. This outfit may have been saved if she had a simpler top and more red accents instead. First rule of fashion ladies, your bag and shoes should match! Black purse and nude shoes do not mesh well.

Hottie Sameera Reddy definitely did NOT look HOT. This biker/Nascar inspired outfit was not only inappropriate for the occasion but really, who would wear something like that? The zippers, the images, there are just too many things going on. But I will say the cut of the dress was flattering on her body shape. What is with that ugly looking watch? Are we having a “3 Idiots” Kareena-and-Amir moment here?

Is it just me or does Neil Nitin Mukesh look like an old uncle? The tucked in shirt the gray sweater..blazer?..cardigan? I don’t know what that is, but at least he’s got shiny shoes on! Like Sunil Shetty, I would have loved to see Neil rock his sexiness in a well fitted suit, you’ve guessed it, fantasy time!

Sajid Khan is actually doing much better than I expected! Dark jeans and a haircut and this would have been a hit!

I think Neha Dhupia is drowning in her pants, perhaps someone should save her? I do however love the top she has on, soft color, well fitting and the shoulder design as structure to the outfit. If she had worn a black mini skirt with that top or even a high waisted skirt she wouldn’t need that life preserver!

Another one drowning in her pants?? I do like the outfit just not on Deepika Padukone, the nude and gold accessories were great and the top is not too bad either. The white high waisted pants make her look wider than she is. I get a nautical vibe from this outfit, like she should be sipping wine on a yacht somewhere not a hot Bollywood party.

I think this is Arbaaz Khan, but I’m not sure. There’s a caterpillar on his face.

Mehr Rampal is such a beautiful Bollywood wife that always impresses, but this outfit is doing nothing for her, definitely a miss! The way the dress cinches at the waist it makes her look fat when she’s really a woman with a hot figure. The flats are not party attire and Arjun Rampal looking casual as ever. What is up with the men in Bollywood?

Jiah Khan isn’t on the silver screen too often, but she’s definitely making her presence known at this party! Like Zarine Khan, Jiah has a simple black dress with gold accents like her studded purse and open toed pumps. Simple but stunning, this young actress looks absolutely gorgeous!

Karan Johar rocking his signature look, black fitted suit and crisp white button down looking effortlessly sophisticated, like a true Bollywood star.

Finally a man dressed for the occasion! Take some tips youngsters! Boman Irani looks very handsome in his beige pin striped suit and maroon shirt and pocket hanky!

What did you think of our list of hits and misses? Let us know what you liked or didn’t like and if you agreed with our verdict!

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